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George Roast


           My photographic work almost exclusively occurs within the realm of cameraless photography. This allows me to investigate the properties of photography’s material elements, such as light-sensitive paper or darkroom chemistry, and explore the ways in which photography can be used as a generative, rather than imitative, visual art form. In practice, my approach to image making is very hand crafted, I use many different methods of physically manipulating the material elements of darkroom processing, with particular emphasis upon the various types of photographic darkroom paper, and its differing chemical properties.

            My interest in photography often focuses upon the method of creation, rather than the content of the image, driven by a curiosity to understand ‘how’ images are made. This often leads me towards outcomes that seek to simplify the photographic process to a method that requires as few elements as possible.

George Roast - Cameraless Photography - Experimental Photography - Artist

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