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On the right hand side there is an explanation. Each small collection of icons represents the composite parts of a whole. Each whole represents an item of clothing, each item of clothing is indicated by a unique lined pattern, each line can be traced through the chaotic mass of overlapping lines.


There is one that has been traced, drawn in pink. The line is indicated by the words ‘Kis Kabát Férfinak’, ‘Little Jacket for a Man’.


If we can attempt to separate each part, to view it in isolation, we may gain a greater understanding of how it functions as part of the whole.

This collection of images presents an exploration into the physical properties of photographic darkroom paper. All of the paper used has passed its chemical expiration date, some papers date to as far back as the 1920's. Upon acquiring the paper, it has been processed using the traditional darkroom method, however the papers have not been exposed to light via an enlarger, therefore any image that emerges is either as a result of a light leak prior to my acquisition, or else produced solely by the action of the darkroom chemistry in combination with the chemical properties of the paper.

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